Give to Grow

How many of you believe that what we know does not matter, what we do matters? I am going to show you ways to get permanent peace and happiness by following some habits. Let me start with one of my favorite stories.

Long ago there was a beggar, named Ramu. He was living in a village called Mayapur. As per his daily routine, he was begging on village roads. Suddenly, Ramu was stuck seeing a bright man. The man was traveling in a gold chariot. Ramu was lost in a dream seeing the man’s bright, beautiful look and dresses. He was thinking “who is this king”?…

Living in the Present

When I was a kid, I always dreamed of becoming a young lady to earn money and get enough freedom to do and get things the way I wished. Now, when I really have grown up, I miss my childhood a lot. I really want to go back to my past and be the baby girl I was.

It was the 22nd of August, 2018. A normal shiny day for everybody. Like every evening, I had completed making dinner. I was waiting for my husband to enjoy our favorite hot and spicy Aloo ka paratha for dinner together.  After some time I remembered, in the morning he told me that he had a product release.…

The Monster

How many of you would like to live in a clean area? All of us, right? If I ask this question to every human being, everyone’s answer would be the same. Yes, we all want to live in a clean, fresh and healthy environment. My question here is, if we all want a clean and healthy environment, why it is not so clean?  In fact, nowadays the dirt takes a figure of the monster. Especially I am talking about the beautiful city Bangalore. After enjoying the pleasant weather and gentle people of Bangalore, the monster settled down permanently with his family.…

The Sweet Effect

Bengalis love to eat sweets. Their language is sweet, they love to speak sweetly. Today I’ll talk about these sweet people. The sweet people are not only living in West Bengal, but the sweetness is spread all over the World. Are you thinking about how really? I am talking about diabetes patients.

I was surprised to see the diabetes stats of the World Health Organization. According to them, 375 million people all over the world don’t know they have diabetes. Every year 1 million people are dying due to diabetes.

Causes of Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

Insulin is a hormone that takes sugar from foods and moves it to the body’s cells.…