Let’s tell the truths and face the reality. We have had enough of hypocrisy and compromisations without any noble cause. Our society have taught us to act throughout our life in the name of religion, post-death myths etc. A very few of us can actually break the artificial guarded wall and breathe the air of freedom, comfort and happiness.

We can’t suddenly change our society. It takes centuries for transformation. The maximum we can do now is start a few new habits for betterment. Learn from the mistakes and change our habits a bit again. This continuous process may someday lead us to make our world better. To start with, we must understand our current situation, take certain measures and then again evaluate the situation. This cyclic process continues forever.

Now the question is – do we have such a universal authority to provide us true reflection of society?

Here, I am going to talk about a social platform to enable people to speak their heart without fear. It provides essence of freedom and openness. On contrary, in Facebook, Twitter etc. social networks individuals are accountable for whatever they say.

Everything in the system will be kept anonymous and would be published categorically along with growth index:

  • location based
  • country based
  • topic based
  • emotion based
  • opinion based

Irrespective of whether or not author of an opinion will be tracked ever in the system (ideally should not be tracked), it’ll give immense power to people to speak without fear.

This system would bring out actual thoughts in peoples mind. I believe no authority provides such kind of facility today. In this system you can speak anything and everything you want. You can give any opinion on any topic you want. neither you’ll be judged nor you’ll be questioned.

Now whether or not a person is speaking his heart and telling truth can not be determined (verification). I am not aiming for that. However, this may become a major problem in maintaining governance and harmony, as some people may start misusing the platform for their gain, spread hatreds, cause communal riots etc.

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I have been thinking of an app idea for quite some time. It’s very simple. When you listen to music on your favorite radio stations while commuting by bus, taxi etc. or in a social gathering or on your friend’s music system or may be on your own smartphone, laptop etc, you may discover new songs of your choice. At this time few immediate things you would like to do are:
  • Get song details like singer, composer, album or movie name, year of release etc.
  • See lyrics instantly on screen
Yes, I am talking about an app which will just help you to do all of the above things. Whenever you listen to a nice new tune anywhere, just tap a button on your smartphone and you will get every bit of information about that song instantly.
Whenever you discover a new song of your choice, after viewing all the info I am sure you would like to tag that or save a reference to the song to hear it later again .Yes, another important feature of this app is, it empowers you to instantly add a song you are listening, to your favorite playlist. In this part of the app it would support the following features:
  • Add the song to your favorite songs list to hear it again later
  • Create and manage multiple global favorite lists. Global in the sense you can edit & view playlists and play your favorite songs from any device and from anywhere
  • You can push favorite songs from online streaming sites like YouTube and music stores as well (with the help of plug-ins)
This idea is not limited to songs only and can be extended to any type of media, documents, food, clothes and anything you think can be your favorite stuff.
Tell me your opinion on this and whether you would like to use such an app in your smartphone.
Note: I have not done any research on whether an existing app provides all these features. In case you are going to work on this please acknowledge this post.

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Like humans animals have different emotions – anger, fear, sorrow, happiness, excitement, attraction etc. However, animals do not commit suicide.
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Have you ever wondered what helps us to remember past incidents, people, places etc.?

When we see, hear or read something; certain parameters are attached to each fragment of information and then stored in memory (brain). Later, these parameters help us to retrieve information from memory. We call this process as memorization. How long one can memorize some stored information depends on how well the person continues close association with parameters attached to the information.

Primary Memorization Parameters:

  • Time
  • Place
  • Subject
  • Characters
  • Incident
  • Emotion
  • Scene
  • Context
  • Environment
  • Surroundings

Secondary Memorization Parameters:

  • Similarity or Dissimilarity (Linking other incidents)
  • Seen or Unseen
  • Historical or Scientific or Geographical
  • Reality or Imagination

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    Imagine how nice it would be if you could see the name of the places from where your friends and near ones are calling. At the least it will reduce a sentence of conversation – “where are you nowadays?” or “where are you at this moment?”
    The very important part of any conversation is to know each others state. Will it not be good if you immediately can see the status or know the emotion of your friend automatically when you are trying to ping or call?
    Another annoying but frequent thing is – we all do receive calls from unknown numbers. Imagine you are in an important meeting and getting a call from an unknown number. You will be unsure whether to take the call or send a text for follow up or skip the call. Disconnecting the call might not be the wise decision. What if that call was from very important person for some really important work?
    To summarize, following information can be made available to the called person when a call is received (and also can be exchanged between caller and callee):
    • Name of the person (as per registration with phone company)
    • Place from where caller is making the call
    • Current status of the caller
    Sharing above information with all the people always can be a privacy concern. So, the user should control what all information he/she wants to share with known people, contacted people and strangers.

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