When I look back on my life, I sense that somewhere in my heart, emptiness was growing gradually without much attention. After a stage I broke down when it became unbearable. At different times and from different angles I tried to understand its reason and left with vague conclusions. Things like better amenities, change in lifestyle, having a girlfriend would solve this problem or the solution lies in marriage; came into my mind several times. I did not find a better solution. So, I believed these easily.

We generally tend to find solutions from the means which really cannot solve the original problems. Those easily accessible means may help to forget the pain for short span but, fail to heal the sore. Yes, a life partner might help me up to an extent but, I fear to rely on a stranger in today’s world of selfishness.

Sometimes, I feel all these emotional problems arose because, I did not have Jenny in my life. I miss Jenny who with her soft hands holds Forrest’s hand and makes friend in no time. That selfless love and care throughout life ensures one’s heart always fill with joy. And I am standing still like a rock in life may be because Jenny did not tell me, “Run Forrest, Run…”

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