Imagine how nice it would be if you could see the name of the places from where your friends and near ones are calling. At the least it will reduce a sentence of conversation – “where are you nowadays?” or “where are you at this moment?”
The very important part of any conversation is to know each others state. Will it not be good if you immediately can see the status or know the emotion of your friend automatically when you are trying to ping or call?
Another annoying but frequent thing is – we all do receive calls from unknown numbers. Imagine you are in an important meeting and getting a call from an unknown number. You will be unsure whether to take the call or send a text for follow up or skip the call. Disconnecting the call might not be the wise decision. What if that call was from very important person for some really important work?
To summarize, following information can be made available to the called person when a call is received (and also can be exchanged between caller and callee):
  • Name of the person (as per registration with phone company)
  • Place from where caller is making the call
  • Current status of the caller
Sharing above information with all the people always can be a privacy concern. So, the user should control what all information he/she wants to share with known people, contacted people and strangers.

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