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Let’s tell the truths and face the reality. We have had enough of hypocrisy and compromisations without any noble cause. Our society have taught us to act throughout our life in the name of religion, post-death myths etc. A very few of us can actually break the artificial guarded wall and breathe the air of freedom, comfort and happiness.

We can’t suddenly change our society. It takes centuries for transformation. The maximum we can do now is start a few new habits for betterment. Learn from the mistakes and change our habits a bit again. This continuous process may someday lead us to make our world better. To start with, we must understand our current situation, take certain measures and then again evaluate the situation. This cyclic process continues forever.

Now the question is – do we have such a universal authority to provide us true reflection of society?

Here, I am going to talk about a social platform to enable people to speak their heart without fear. It provides essence of freedom and openness. On contrary, in Facebook, Twitter etc. social networks individuals are accountable for whatever they say.

Everything in the system will be kept anonymous and would be published categorically along with growth index:

  • location based
  • country based
  • topic based
  • emotion based
  • opinion based

Irrespective of whether or not author of an opinion will be tracked ever in the system (ideally should not be tracked), it’ll give immense power to people to speak without fear.

This system would bring out actual thoughts in peoples mind. I believe no authority provides such kind of facility today. In this system you can speak anything and everything you want. You can give any opinion on any topic you want. neither you’ll be judged nor you’ll be questioned.

Now whether or not a person is speaking his heart and telling truth can not be determined (verification). I am not aiming for that. However, this may become a major problem in maintaining governance and harmony, as some people may start misusing the platform for their gain, spread hatreds, cause communal riots etc.

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What makes us smile,
What makes us cry?
What makes us brave,
What makes us shy?

What makes us greedy,
What makes us honest?
What makes us hostile,
What makes us modest?

What makes us fight,
What makes us friends?
What makes us crazy,
What makes us tense?

What makes us born,
What makes us die?
What makes us live,
What makes us kill?

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