I have been thinking of an app idea for quite some time. It’s very simple. When you listen to music on your favorite radio stations while commuting by bus, taxi etc. or in a social gathering or on your friend’s music system or may be on your own smartphone, laptop etc, you may discover new songs of your choice. At this time few immediate things you would like to do are:
  • Get song details like singer, composer, album or movie name, year of release etc.
  • See lyrics instantly on screen
Yes, I am talking about an app which will just help you to do all of the above things. Whenever you listen to a nice new tune anywhere, just tap a button on your smartphone and you will get every bit of information about that song instantly.
Whenever you discover a new song of your choice, after viewing all the info I am sure you would like to tag that or save a reference to the song to hear it later again .Yes, another important feature of this app is, it empowers you to instantly add a song you are listening, to your favorite playlist. In this part of the app it would support the following features:
  • Add the song to your favorite songs list to hear it again later
  • Create and manage multiple global favorite lists. Global in the sense you can edit & view playlists and play your favorite songs from any device and from anywhere
  • You can push favorite songs from online streaming sites like YouTube and music stores as well (with the help of plug-ins)
This idea is not limited to songs only and can be extended to any type of media, documents, food, clothes and anything you think can be your favorite stuff.
Tell me your opinion on this and whether you would like to use such an app in your smartphone.
Note: I have not done any research on whether an existing app provides all these features. In case you are going to work on this please acknowledge this post.

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2 Thoughts on “An app idea

  1. Bharath Pai on December 31, 2012 at 7:42 AM said:

    There are apps already which have these features –

    Shazam,Soundhound etc

  2. Thanks Bharath for your comment. Yes, I have gone through Shazam website and looks like they have been providing these services in music area for long time πŸ™‚ However, may be other fields are still untouched πŸ™‚

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