We java developers at our workplace frequently use various decompilers to view source code of compiled java classes. Did you know that a powerful tool comes along with JDK which can disassemble a class file?

Yes, javap tool disassembles a class file. It prints fields and methods on console. If java is installed in your machine, try executing following command:
javap HelloWorld
(Make sure that HelloWorld.class is available in class path)

Above command will not attempt to display method content. To see disassembled method code use option -c:
javap -c HelloWorld

To see other available options execute following command:
javap -help

For more details, please click here.

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Everyday we see hundreds of problems around us. Why can’t people live in peace? What we need that we don’t have? In long run how it makes difference if we don’t get those?

The race in the society is never-ending. Day by day this race is becoming tougher and complex. Are we not responsible for this?

Most of the problems arise due to difference in realization and perception between entities. Also, excessive expectation and selfishness create problems.

We should expect nothing from the world and help people around us unconditionally. Let us make this world peaceful and livable.

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Some of life’s unanswerable questions:

  • What is the aim of life?
  • What is the significance of life?
  • Why can’t we control our mind completely?
  • What is the relation between body and soul?
  • What is the key of effective and successful life?

Our thoughts and actions create conflicts within us. These can lead to ruin one’s life and demolish the social harmony. These are:

  • Belief
  • Religion and caste
  • Money and property
  • Politics
  • Power
  • Love and affection
  • Negligence
  • Phantasm
  • Superstition
  • Suspicious mind
  • Anger

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